According to Ian Mitchell King, a 'True Rotarian' is someone who has lived their lives according to the Rotary 4-way test and who places 'Service Above Self.' Instead of bragging about his or her money or success, this sort of Rotarian is honest and supportive of the activities of other members, including those who are not Rotarians. Apart from that, a real Rotarian is constantly concerned with the rights of other people.

"I enjoy giving back to my community," said Clarke Paynter, who received the Rotary Club's prestigious 'True Rotarian' award. He serves as a District Governor, an Adjutant, and is a die-hard New York Giants supporter. The couple's son Jack was adopted in 2001 after his wife Janet fostered 25 children for the couple's benefit. Besides volunteering, Matt likes spending time with his grandkids and taking photographs using his digital camera.

Ian Mitchell King described that, Elly Chandler was a dedicated Rotarian who served as District Governor for many years. It seemed like everywhere he went, he was telling stories about Rotary, including the history of Polio eradication and the Gift of Life program. Elly's enthusiasm and light-hearted demeanor made him a hit with the audience. He adored performing in front of huge crowds and meeting new acquaintances wherever he went. The question is, "What exactly is a real Rotarian?" This is a question that every Rotarian should ponder on their own.

John Ross died peacefully on September 4, 2021, at the age of 91. He was a Rotarian who put the needs of others ahead of his own. His legacy is one of selflessness and service. Despite his passing, his commitment to the community will go on for decades to come. He possessed all of the characteristics of a real Rotarian. And his legacy will be permanently ingrained in the brains of future generations for the rest of their lives. So, ask yourself, "What is a real Rotarian?" and then answer that question.

Although Thompson has a complicated personal past, he has acted as a model of what a real Rotarian should be. He has established himself as a leader in the group, dedicating numerous hours of time and effort to the betterment of the community. Paul Harris, a previous president of the San Diego club, spoke on how Rotary International serves as a light of universal understanding, bridging borders and delivering assistance wherever it is needed across the world. Throughout his years of service, he has shown what it means to put others before oneself.

Ian Mitchell King described that, Paul has volunteered for a variety of events, including the Mardi Gras Curling Event and the Pancake Breakfast, among others. He is the first one to come and the last one to go on every occasion. He also contributes significantly to the Rotary Golf Tournament, which serves as the club's main fundraiser. He hangs the sponsor signs and then puts them away for the next year. The competition would not have been possible without Paul's assistance, and he is a great member of the Rotary Club.